Celebrity Skaters

Until you really get involved in the roller skating scene, checking up on news and events, you don’t really realise how big the sport actually is. A lot of people see it as something that only happens in roller discos, or along a Californian beach.

quadskating.com - Copyright © Kathie Fry

quadskating.com - Copyright © Kathie Fry

We have taken it upon ourselves to show you all that roller skating is a lot bigger than you may think. Since the launch of the Rio Roller website and social pages, we have discovered that people all around the globe are enjoying skating whatever the weather, young or old. Some even starting up roller skating clubs of their own.

You will have seen a lot of our blogs by now, highlighting photo shoots and magazine articles involving our skates. In recent news it has even been discovered that Simon Cowell is a fan of the sport.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell - Image curtesy of contactmusic.com

According to the website, contact music.com, he is a big kid who loves to spend his spare time watching cartoons and dashing down the road on his roller skates! Well what else is there to do if you are a man who has everything?!

Stacey Solomon has been getting into skating and she posted a lovely tweet of her and her son our on their new skates last year!

Stacey Solomon on Skates

Stacey Solomon and her son on Skates - image from Twitter

You may have seen a few more familiar faces getting involved in some of our past blogs. Including the Middleton sisters and Little Mix.

If they can do it, then so can you! As the winter weather starts to ease off and the sun comes out, it is the perfect time to dust down your old skates, or grab a new pair, and get out there! It’s one of the best forms of exercise and so much fun!! Don’t forget, if you are getting out there on Rio Rollers, be sure to send us your photos, so that we can post them on our I Love My Rios page!!