C’est Chic!

Here at Rio Roller HQ, we don’t do things by halves!

You are all now pretty familiar with our classic Rio Roller look, not to mention the performance, comfort and great range of colours!

We felt that 2014 was the year to take it a step further and get some figure style skates added to the range.

We have worked long and hard on these, to get them just right.


Introducing the Rio Roller Chic!!

Rio Roller Chic Skates  - Blue and Purple

Rio Roller Chic Skates – Blue and Purple

These skates have low-cut figure style uppers, with a mixture of lace eyelets and hooks, for easy tying and adjusting.

They are mounted on aluminium chassis and come with our very own Rio Roller wheels and stoppers!

So if you are looking for something a little bit different, but with that much-loved Rio Roller quality, then try on a pair of Chics!

They will be available in all good skate stores from the 2nd week of May 2014!