Enjoying a Skate at Rio HQ

Last week, photography student, Alex, popped by for a day of work experience to hang out with our photographers and work on some image manipulation and digital design.

Well, in true Rio Roller spirit, we can’t have someone visit and not let them have a go on our skates, so we waited for a bit of dry weather and gave Alex two pairs of Rios to have a play with.

Putting On The Fierce Skates

Alex Putting On The Fierce Skates

The ground outside our offices isn’t the smoothest, but that’s where the soft PU wheels come in very handy as they are more forgiving than a lot of alternatives. They are good on rough surfaces but also provide grip on indoor surfaces.

Rio Jive Skates

The Rio Jive Skates brighten up any day!

Chilling with Rio Rollers

When the sun comes out, nothing should stop you from getting your skates on!

Getting ready to Jive!

Getting ready to Jive!

All new Rio Roller skates have extra padding in the tongue and a new style footbed for more comfort and support.

Rio Jive skates

Alex wearing the Rio Jive skates

Big thanks to Alex for allowing us to follow her round with the camera. She certainly suits the Rio Roller style range and we hope that she enjoyed her day!