If They Are Good Enough For Vogue…

Some of our lovely roller skates were used in September’s issue of Vogue Paris, so of course we wanted to show it off! As you know Vogue is fully focused towards high end fashion, so to have our skates included just shows that they are fashionable products!

Rio Rollers in Vogue, Paris

When we create our Rio Rollers, we design them with fashion in mind, as well as ensuring they are fun and practical! We like to think of these skates as another pair of shoes and we have found that a lot of Rio Roller fans choose their outfits to go with the skates they are wearing!

What do you wear with your Rio Rollers? We love seeing your photos, so please send them in. You can even post them on Instagram using #rioroller and we will repost our faves!

Photos used in the publication ©David Bellemere/Vogue Paris