Introducing the All-New Rio Rollers 2014

The best disco quad on the market just got better!

Rio Roller Circle

We have given the Rio Roller skate range a fresh new look for 2014 with six exciting new flavours to choose from! We have refreshed some of our much-loved classic styles and even added some funky new designs!

So what makes Rio Roller such a good skate brand?

Apart from being hooked in by the stunning look of the skates, you may find yourself asking this question when shopping around, but we believe that all you have to do is slip a pair on and you will feel the goodness! Not only that, if you give the heel and toe areas a good squeeze, you will feel how strong they are, yet so comfortable inside!

Here is a rundown of the Rio Roller skate specs and what elements we have added in to make them even better than they already were!!

Rio Roller Detail specs

So there you have it! Our new skates are brighter, stronger and more comfy! What else could you ask for? Oh yes, you can skate on them!! They aren’t just for looking good in!

They roll smoothly on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The PU wheels provide plenty of grip without being too soft and the new cored wheels provide extra stability for when you build up some speed. No fear of overheating around the bearings, which non-cored wheels can suffer from.

The New range of Rio Rollers are available from all good skate stores. Check with your favourite stockist and, if in doubt, you can check our dealers page.

Happy Rolling!