Introducing The Rio Roller Pure

We are very excited to introduce you to the new Rio Roller Pure!

It’s the perfect skate for beginners and occasional skaters because it includes all the great performance features and spec that you have come to know Rio Roller for, but we have stripped it down just a bit, giving you the chance to experience the comfort of Rio in a lower priced model!

The New Rio Roller Pure


What’s Different About The Pure?

We have made some cosmetic changes to this skate, without taking away any of the performance features, allowing us to provide you with a great Rio Roller skate for a lower price! This makes it perfect for people who are new to Rio Roller and want to try the skates out, as well as people who only skate occasionally, or even those of you who love the retro skate look but without all the crazy colours and patterns.


Rio Roller Pure Pink

Rio Roller Pure – Pink

Rio Roller Pure Blue

Rio Roller Pure – Blue


Let us know what you think over on the official Rio Roller Facebook page.

Rio Roller Pure skates are available from all good Rio stockists.