Network 3's Dancing Pony

Many of you may have already seen the new 3 advert, featuring a rather adorable dancing pony.

Well, thanks to Network 3, the mobile phone service provider, you can get involved and make the pony dance to different soundtracks, wearing different wigs and accessories.

Of course our favourite is the Roller Skating pony!

Yes, you read that right….ROLLER SKATING PONY!

If you go to the “Funk” section of the pony mixer, you have the option of giving the pony some Pink Rio Rollers to boogie in.

Check it out here:

RIo The Rolling Pony

Rio The Rolling Pony

We called our pony “Rio”.

There are many options, so why not have a little go yourself.

Network 3's pony Mixer

You can see more of this fun campaign on the official 3 website: