The New Rio Roller Camo

We are very excited to introduce the new Camo skates to our range!

This is a limited edition design, so only a handful of shops will be stocking these beauties!Rio Roller Camo SkatesThe Camo skates feature all the classic elements you would expect to find in a Rio Roller, including the padded tongue and cuff area, extra support around the foot, and the shaped insole. As well as that, these skates feature our exclusive Rio Roller Chassis and Trucks, not to mention our fab Coaster wheels. They have a very grown up vibe to them, with the subtle camouflage pattern, featuring pink and gold details, surrounded by an elegant amount of black.If you were to stroll into any well known high street fashion retailer, we have no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect outfit and accessories to go with these skates!

As with all of our skates, they are suitable for beginners to pros!

To sum it up, these are not only great looking skates but they are all set up to give you a great skating experience, whether you are planning on taking them out for a roll around the park, or heading to the roller disco.

The Rio Camo skates are available from a handful of top skate retailers. You can browse our dealers page for a list of Rio stockists or search for ‘Rio Roller Camo’ online.