Photographie Fantastique – Rio Rollers Snapped in a New Light

French photographer, Aurélie Perez from Biarritz has taken some wonderfully unique photos featuring the Rio Roller Jive skates. We wanted to share her pictures with you and some words from Aurélie, herself, about her work and love for photography.

Rio Jive Photos - by Aurelie Perez

Rio Jive Photos - by Aurelie Perez

‘’Raised on rock and metal when I was a teenager, my love for photography came naturally from concerts. The act of recreating the atmosphere of a concert in an image fascinated me, and it was forbidden to talk to me about “flash”.

Self-taught when I started, I quickly decided to study for a year to get my photograpy degree and then find internships with fashion photographers. My passion for portraits and fashion was born there; I worship “Women”, which remains my favorite subject in photography.

Rio Jive Indoors

Sometimes you don't want to take your Rios off!

In 2008, I had the opportunity to make my first exhibition, ‘Live Photography’, which featured my best shots of concerts ranging from rock/metal scene, to electro and French hip-hop.

Settled in Biarritz in 2012, known as ‘Little french California’ I am now trying to impose my style in the surfing, skateboarding, roller derby fields, and in the board culture in general.

Putting On The Rio Jives

Putting On The Rio Jives

I also have a project around the world of skateboarding. I am currently working on it right now, with action and lifestyle photos, and also behind the scenes photos; the manufacturing process of skateboards. I hope to have an exhibition at the end of 2013.

Sometimes innocent, sometimes sophisticated, I’m looking for inspiration in these small pleasures of life, in everything surrounding me every day, but more than anything I follow my moods and feelings”.

The Jive skates

The Jive skates look great against a leopard print. Would the Fierce look good against polka dot print?

A big thank you to Aurélie for taking these wonderful photos and also to her model, Pauline (team member of a roller derby team called “Valient Bitches”) and make up artist: Dorothée Dolla.

We hope that they are continuing to enjoy the skates!

You can check out more of Aurélie’s photos on her websites : and

She also has a Facebook page which you can ‘like’ to stay up-to-date with her photos and goings on, as well as a great Tumblr page.