Rio Roller Hits the Roller Derby Scene!

Rio Roller has always been about great style and great performance!

We wanted to expand on our range and give people even more choice, while continuing to do what we do best, which is designing quality performance roller skates!

Rio Roller Riot Derby Skate

The Riot is our all-new roller derby skate, designed for entry level derby skaters but can also be used by more experienced skaters too.

We love Roller Derby and the fact that it is growing so rapidly as a competitive sport. We felt it was important to bring out a skate that is affordable enough for the “newbies” without limiting strength or performance.

Still being feminine, we gave it a tougher looking version of the logo to go with the derby / riot girl look. It’s a neat looking skate with subtle styling that will definitely turn heads as you whizz round the track!

Rio Riot Logo and Wheel

The wheels have been specifically designed for new derby skaters so that they are not too hard. People who are new to the sport often need time to build up their confidence on the round track, therefore the wheels on the Riot are soft enough to provide grip while still being hard enough for a bit of slide, which of course is important for T-stops and plough stops.

The adjustable TPR stopper is non-marking and provides good grip for all the different stops and running starts that you will be learning as a newbie. The Riot is compatible with most stoppers and wheels, so it can grow with you as you gain more experience!

Don’t be fooled by the metal chassis. This skate does feel weighty to hold, but it is actually quite light compared to many skates on the market, so you wont have any trouble gaining speed or performing jumps and crossovers.

This skate is available at selected skate stockists, online and in store. Don’t forget that we are on Instagram, so if you get yourself a pair of Riots or any of our range, post some photos and use #rioroller

For more spec information, check out the Riot product page.