Rio Roller Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Unfortunately Cancer is something that affects most families in some way. It has affected many of us, so we wanted to do something to show our support.

The new Cancer Research Rio Roller is a limited edition skate, designed to show our support. A percentage from all sales of these skates goes to Cancer Research and we felt that these are a great way to spread the message about this terrible disease and get more people taking notice.

Cancer Research Rio Roller

The skates are available in a limited number of stores and the quantities are also limited, so if you get a pair, you’ll have something that’s quite unique.

We have kept the spec and structure of the skates the same and added in a few little details like the ribbon shaped loop at the back, gradient pink flat laces and a printed ribbon on the outer heel of each skate.

Cancer Research Rio Shots


Here are some of the stores that you can find them in, but please remember that quantities are limited. | | | | | | | | |