Rio’s All-New Skate Chassis

There are many reasons why Rio Roller quad skates are the no 1 selling fashion skates in the world; they are elegant, exciting and great fun to use. Packed with a heap of performance features like reinforced ankle support, cushioned footbed, quality bearings and PU wheels, they ride as well as they look.

Our Autumn 2016 range of skates have all these features, but our designers wanted to improve things even further and push the limits of recreational quad skating. So with the help of Brunel University and our experienced skaters in-house we have developed an exclusive Rio Roller undercarriage.

Rio Roller Chassis





Stronger, lighter and with more responsive turning, this all-new chassis and truck set-up moves Rio Roller into a league of its own. Fully designed and tested in the UK, these are not just off-the-shelf frames from Asia that so many other recreational brands use.

To celebrate the Rio chassis and trucks, we are launching 5 new models that include the frame as standard, hitting the stores from the end of September, Starting with the Kicks and Kicks Style.

Rio Roller Kicks and Kicks Style Skates

We are so excited about this new development, and we can’t wait to find out what you all think! Whether you are an experienced skater, or are putting on some Rios for the first time, we believe that you will be as happy about them as we are!

Rio Roller – #makeyourfeethappy