There are two main ways of stopping on quad skates which you should master

before going out on them…

One way, which is the most popular method of breaking is called the ‘T position’. This is carried out by placing the back foot at a 90º angle behind the heel of the front skate, in the shape of a T.

Try this in a stationary position first to test which foot you are most comfortable with. Press down evenly on the rear skate, increasing friction with the ground, which will slow you down.

Warning: just using the inner wheels to stop can cause ankle injury, so either drag all 4 wheels or just the outer 2 wheels.


The T Stop

Another way to stop on quad skatesis to use the stoppers on the front of the skates. Don’t try to use both or you run the risk of falling forward. Again, after deciding which foot you are most comfortable with, extend your rear leg behind you and press down on the stopper gently, increasing the friction with the ground.

Stopping with stopper

Stopping with the front stopper

Both methods of stopping will take some practice, so be sure to try them out in a safe area, wearing all your safety gear. You want to make sure you look awesome while out on your Rios!