Sugar and Spice…and all things Rio Roller!

Thanks to Metago, a stockist of Rio Roller, we discovered this great article.

We were amazed to see all these great photos of our Blueberry skates being worn and wanted to know more!!

Here’s the article translated into English:

Now in BG

What makes this restaurant different from others are sexy waitresses serving guests on roller skates.

Sugar and Spice Team

Restaurant “Sugar & Spice” opened on 6th November in Belgrade, and is located within the hotel Yugoslavia.

This restaurant has been inspired by happy time 70s, colourful pop-art, naivety and happiness, bringing food and skates together under the slogan: We like fast (served) food, but we do not like fast food.

What also separates this restaurant from others is that the waitresses serve guests on roller skates. They are the “Sweetie” team. They are called Koko, Dolce, Chile, Hani and Ginger and between them, they take orders, serve food and perform tricks on roller skates.


With DJs and the sound system used by the Stones, as well as disco balls and a unique interior, you can enter in the middle of the day feeling like you are in a movie… so different than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Sugar and Spice is a pancake house with an international fusion cuisine created around pancakes, waffles and butter pancakes. It offers sweet and savoury creations as well as the main course salads and spikes (skewers) with various kinds of meat, vegetables and cheeses. A complete cocktail bar with classic cocktails and the most popular creations of the house is available to guests.


The creator of this concept is a Free Bobby Vukovic, who was involved in the creation of several popular places in London that celebrities regularly visit.

This interesting conceptual caterer is also a music producer and extreme athlete. In Serbia he created a Supermarket, Intergalactic Diner plus Sugar and Spice ….

Rio Rollers in Sugar and Spice Restaurant

When we asked him what his inspiration for “Sugar and Spice” was, he replied
“Love for cocktails and good and clever entertainment. We wanted a 70s theme because it was a time of pop art and cheerful colours and sound. People were happier. Hence the idea for skates, to return. This is one attempt to promote happiness without a lot of money.”

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