Super Colourful Accessories For Your Rio Rollers!

We figured that, since we have revamped the Rio Roller range, why not make some accessories to go with them. So we did just that! As well as being able to customise your new Rios, you can also use them to revamp your existing ones as they are all fully compatible!

Weely Cool!

The new Rio Roller wheels are made from 82A PU, which means that they are soft enough to provide good grip on indoor surfaces as well as deal with the rough of pathways outdoors.

The Rio wheels come in packs of 4 per colour.


Rio Roller Wheels

These new wheels are cored, which reduces deformation, and no one likes a deformed wheel. The core also helps to reduce overheating around the bearings, so when you are whizzing around the roller disco the only rattling sound will be the shaking of maracas, and not your bearings loosening.

Stop Right There!

Our colour new range of toe stops mean you can mix and match with your wheels, to give your skates that custom style you have been looking for! Of course, they aren’t just for looking good. If your stoppers wear down, you will need to replace them, and our great quality PU cast toe stops come highly recommended.

Each stopper comes with a screw-in bolt, making it super simple for you to change over.

The Rio toe stops come in packs of 2 per colour.

Rio Roller Toe Stops

Rio Roller Toe Stops

Loop The Loop

We have also brought out some fun laces, to add that finishing touch to your skates!

These are sure to make your skates stand out from the others at the roller disco!

Rio Roller Laces

Rio Roller Laces

Just remember to tuck them in neatly, so you don’t trip over and look silly in your funky looking skates! It would give a new meaning to getting down on the dance floor!

Rio Style

Let’s not forget about our fab leg warmers and carry strap. These were brought out to coincide with some limited edition models that we released in 2012, and they are still going strong!

The leg warmers are really comfortable and slim fitting, so they sit nicely above your skates, but you can stretch them over the tongue area if you wish.

Our carry strap provides that added portability, for those of you who don’t want to carry a big bag around….and those of you who just want to show your skates off even when you aren’t wearing them!