The Miss’iles Interview

We recently caught up with Cecile Klaus, from Miss’ile roller skating crew to find out a bit more about them and their skate dancing.

Please introduce us to all the members of team Miss’ile
There are about 40 Miss’ile members. Here are the current main ones:
Amandine is the Vice-President and the main skatedancer of the Miss’iles. She’s a former contemporary dancer, performs with the professional company and runs the skatedance trainings. Ines is the Treasurer and also a main skatedancer. She’s a former artistic skater, performs with the professional company and participates in speed competitions. Magali is a speed skater as well as the speed team coach and captain. She is a former sport coach, runs the speed trainings and participates in 6h to 24h competitions. Albane is a high trained skater representing the Miss’iles at speed and especially downhill competitions.

I myself am the founder, president and choreographer of Miss’ile. I am a versatile trained skater, used to participate in speed/downhill/skatecross competitions, and a former modern/hiphop dancer performing with the professional skatedance company. I run the association, the professional company and the skatedance trainings.

Miss'ile - Photographed by Nicolas Lo

Team Miss’ile – Photographed by Nicolas Lo

When did the team get together?
In 2002 I discovered all the amazing Hyde Park skatedancers in London and started to learn from them. When I returned to Paris, I did a few gigs for Levi’s and rapper McSolaar, participated in a random skatedance competition that was happening at an international skating event and won a pair of Nike rollerskates. I decided to start the skatedance company, choreographed and performed for events.
I created the Miss’ile team for the 24h speed competition of Le Mans race in 2004. The 1st Miss’iles were already all female skaters coming from different skate styles (Freeride, Hockey, SkateDance, Downhill, etc…). Without any serious training we reached a beautiful 4th place and learned how far the mental and team spirit can take us to. Then we decided to stick together, create the association and teach each others all of our skate disciplines to become complete skaters.
Today we have the sport team for competitions and the artistic team for performances.

Did you all have much skating experience before the team started out?
Some people were new to skating, some were coming from basic skating or a different discipline, but almost everybody had a pair in their closet 🙂

What type of events do you skate at?
We skate at every kind of event: Competitions (Speed/Downhill/SkateCross Races), Games (Derby/BasketBall/Winamax), Galas, Convention Centers, Exhibitions, Private Events (Bar Mitzvahs/Weddings), Night Clubs (O’Sullivan/Webster Hall/TammanyHall), Musicals (Noddy), Marketing Events (Adidas/GoSport), Commercials (Undiz/Benefit Cosmetics), Music videos (Avicii/M83/LaurentWolf), etc..

Photography - Nicolas Lo

Photography – Nicolas Lo

You have recently been wearing some Rio Roller Chic skates, what do you like about them?
We love the beautiful range of colors Rio offers. We especially like the Chic Leopard and the Snake models as they are light weight and very manageable, on top of having a great “chic” look and shape!

What is your favourite music to perform to?
I love to perform to clubbing songs, or house/electro that have rich beats and melody. Im in love with latin music too, I choreographed a song of Daddy Yankee and it’s funny people never expect to see skatedance on reggaeton! I am willing to show people that rollerskating is not just associated with the 70’s songs and that we can skatedance to any music style.

The Miss'iles on TV

The Miss’iles on TV

It looks like the last year has been very busy for you. What plans do you have for the rest of 2015?
We are always very busy and I always look for exploring skatedance as much as I can. We participated in a talent TV show waiting to be broadcast. Amandine just got featured in the Undiz brand commercial and I just performed at the New York DanceFest. I finished creating a show about skatedance history, I am now looking for sponsors and supporting donators. We are also preparing performances for a few events coming up, in France and New York, and I now teach skatedance in Brooklyn for New York dancers/skaters.

Thank you Cecile and thanks to the rest of the team too. We look forward to seeing all your future projects!

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