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Where can I purchase your skates?

We work with retailers around the world, you can find a list here

I can't find a retailer near me, Can you deliver?

We do work with many shops that can deliver world wide, here is a list of some you can check out:

Skate Hut

Skate Pro

Kates Skates

Proline Skates

We would also advise contacting shops that are closest to you geographically, you might find they can also deliver to you.

Can I buy skates from you direct?

We do not sell the skates directly, and sadly have no plans to do so in the future

How much are your skates?

You can find the prices through the retailers website

I can't find the skates I want on a retailers website?

Try contacting them and requesting the skate you would like, they might be able to get them in special for you!

What size should I go for?

We always recommend measuring your feet and using our size chart to help. The insole measurements provided are often most accurate.

I have wide feet, what skate would you recommend?

The feedback we have received have shown that both style skates (figure heel, trainer style) can be suitable for wide fit. We do consider the trainer style to be more forgiving as the structure is softer.

Some websites mention maximum weight is 60KG for size UK 6 and above, is this correct?

No, we now successfully test all sizes and skates at 100KG.

What size pads are right for me?

Click here to see our size chart for the Triple Pad Set

I have a problem with the skates I purchased, can you help?

For after sales, please contact the retailer you purchased the skates from. They will have their own policy in place and can advise you in the next step.

My skates have a fixed stopper, can I fit an adjustable stopper instead?

 You can, but this would require a different chassis as the thread of the stopper will be a different thickness. We do have a chassis kit available which includes the adjustable toe stop!

Can't find the answer to your question?

Feel free to contact us! If it is regarding a purchase you have made with a retailer, then please contact them first.

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