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What’s super cute, super sweet and super yummy, where you can have practically any flavour, topped with cream, sprinkles and maybe even marshmallows? Milkshake, of course! Ok so our skate isn’t topped with sprinkles and cream, but it is definitely packed full of tasty features that are equally irresistible!



  • Vegan friendly reinforced trainer style upper
  • PVC leather construction
  • Power strap for extra support
  • Rio Roller cushioned heel, 3D moulded inner sole
  • DPrinted logo on power strap
  • Micro injection logo on heel


  • UK: 1J – 7A
  • EURO: 33 – 40.5
Will they fit me? CLICK HERE to view our skate size chart!


  • Rio Roller PP hi-impact chassis
  • Rio Roller aluminium trucks
  • PU cast 94A bushings
  • PU cast 82A Rio Coaster wheels with Rio’s exclusive design to prevent axles protruding and damaging flooring
  • Rio Roller ABEC-7 bearings
  • Fixed Stopper

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