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The Script bags are a perfect companion to carry skates and accessories. Part of a complete collection including skates and helmet, the bags are super cute and durable!

Is Converse All Star authentic ?

yes It Is Authentic Converse All Star Chuck Taylor

Can i order from Europe ?

Yes!! Canada, USA,Australia,UK FREE Shipping. Also,We ship World wide for Free after eligable order.

Are SWAROVSKI Crystals authentic ?

Yes! All SWAROVSKI Crystals are made in Austria and it is the best quallity crystals

Are This Products Made by Hand?

YES!! All Our Producs Are Handmade in Canada

Are These Leather goods made by real Leather?

YES!! All Our Leather products Are made by natural Leather,Stiched by hand used ritza 25 thread..

Script Bag Multi 1.jpg
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Script Bag Teal 1.jpg