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Rio Roller is the original fashion quad skate brand. With almost 30 years of experience, and nearly 20 different skates in our current collection, Rio Roller is proud to be supporting such a compelling sport and industry. Designed in the UK and distributed worldwide!


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Over 20 different skates in our collection! Click to explore them and find your perfect pair.


A small but colourful collection of pads and helmets to keep you safe! Click to view. 


From wheels to bags, to stoppers and bearings. View the full range.

Vegan Story


As a brand we are proud to be supporting the Vegan movement by using as many synthetic alternatives & cruelty free products as possible. 


We believe it is important for us to continue our aim of bringing innovative designs, approaching new materials, and keeping up to date with the latest technologies that will allow us to bring improvements in our journey for you and our environment.



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